With Deplatforming on the Rise, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise

With Deplatforming on the Rise, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise

This past year the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community welcomed a BCH-based social networking network known as Memo.cash. Since that time Memo has collected lots of traction with countless profiles and a large number of onchain updates and conversations published towards the BCH chain.

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Memo&rsquos Uncensorable Posts Keep growing

In April this past year, news.Bitcoin.com reported around the social networking platform&nbspMemo.cash,&nbspa decentralized application operated by blockchain technology. The woking platform gives anybody the opportunity to produce a profile, publish messages, and receive and send tips too. Virtually every action on Memo is documented on the BCH chain utilizing an OP_Return transaction. Following the BCH blockchain split on November. 15, the creator of Memo made the decision to spread out the woking platform to users of each side of every chain and today there’s a Memo SV form of the website too. Existing users who haven&rsquot logged on because the fork may use exactly the same login credentials for that SV portion of the platform.

As Deplatforming Rises, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise
Memo feed 1-6-19.

Because we first reported on Memo, there is another social networking platform for that BCH chain known as Blockpress, however the application continues to be defunct for quite a while. Memo, however, has ongoing to develop with users and submissions are being shared constantly. For example, Memo&rsquos feeds are damaged lower into six sections, which comprise rated, polls, threads, top, new, and archive posts. Much like Twitter, when writing a brand new memo users can utilize 217 figures per publish. If someone decides to produce a poll, then they need to first produce a question (209 figures) after which add two options (184 figures per option) that people choose.

As Deplatforming Rises, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise
Memo users can embed tweets.

Memo users can publish text, videos, pictures, as well as embed tweets from Twitter around the application. Furthermore, individuals can search the index of users by perusing a summary of profiles which are also sectioned into different criteria like the majority of adopted and earliest, which shows the very first Memo accounts produced. Probably the most adopted Memo profile may be the creator from the platform, with 777 supporters, and also the first account registered is associated with a person named Jason that has 142 supporters.

Poster.cash and Unwriter&rsquos Bitdb

There&rsquos&nbspPoster.cash, a Bitdb-powered Memo extension protocol built through the software developer Petar Mitchev. The Poster application enables users to make use of the majority of Memo&rsquos actions, that are performed in-browser. Poster provides infinite scrolling and the opportunity to track certain keywords too.

As Deplatforming Rises, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise
Petar Mitchev&rsquos project Poster.cash.

Much like the Memo protocol, Poster also gives users careful analysis toggle between your BCH and SV network based on their preference. Because Poster is operated by the developer&nbspUnwriter&rsquos Bitdb network, it functions as a serverless application. Mitchev gave props to Unwriter for allowing the Bitdb and Bitsocket applications and noted, &ldquoI still can&rsquot believe I authored a real serverless Memo implementation &mdash And delay pills work so nice.&rdquo

As Deplatforming Rises, Onchain Social Media App Memo Shows Promise
Popular topics on Memo.cash.

Overall, Memo is constantly on the see many individuals posting uncensorable media and also the extensions individuals have built round the protocol make Memo&rsquos ecosystem better quality. Obviously, using the application serving both systems, there&rsquos a good little bit of quarrelling between both camps when scrolling with the last couple of days of Memo posts. The Memo application will also support hashtags and lots of people add their most favorite tags to posts. Popular hashtags are actually bitcoin cash, BCH, BCHPLS, roblox, and hashwar.

Exactly what do you consider the Memo.cash application for that Bitcoin Cash network? Tell us that which you consider this platform within the comments section below.

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