Telecom Giant AT&T Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Telcom Giant AT&ampT Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

On May 23, telecom giant AT&T announced that buyers are now able to pay their bills through Bitpay. The firm is just about the initial U.S. mobile and landline carrier to simply accept BCH and BTC for payments.

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AT&T Now Accepts Crypto Payments

American multinational telecom conglomerate AT&T has partnered with Bitpay to permit users to pay for their bills with cryptocurrencies. Customers may use the AT&T online platform once they get on their accounts and choose Bitpay like a payment option. This enables clients to gain access to the Bitpay invoice portal, where they are able to select BCH or BTC to be able to pay their bills. AT&T&rsquos subscriber base is big and also the firm rated #9 within the U.S. Fortune 500 rankings according to total revenue.

AT&T made the decision to work with Bitpay and accept BCH and BTC since the firm really wants to offer payment options to better serve its customers. The v . p . of AT&T&rsquos communications finance business operations, Kevin Mcdorman, is happy to give clients more payment options. &ldquoWe&rsquore always searching for methods to enhance and expand our services,&rdquo Mcdorman detailed throughout the announcement. The v . p . also mentioned:

We’ve customers using cryptocurrency, and we’re happy give us a call them a method to pay their bills using the method they like.

Telecom Giant AT&T Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

A Significant Company Accepting Crypto Is Excellent News to many Digital Currency Enthusiasts

Right now the choice isn’t offered at AT&T stores and cryptos cannot be employed to purchase cellular devices or products. Their bond with Bitpay is only for the telecom company&rsquos bill pay services. The firm began off because the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in 1880, and also, since it rebranded to AT&T the organization continues to be the second biggest mobile service within the U.S. and the main landline provider too for quite a while.

Obviously, cryptocurrency fans on social networking are psyched to listen to about AT&T accepting digital currencies. Bitcoin Cash fans at Reddit forum r/btc celebrated the big merchant accepting digital currencies following the announcement. &ldquoWow, it&rsquos been some time because we&rsquove heard about a significant company start accepting cryptocurrency payments inside a context that isn&rsquot through some 3rd party passthrough like Flexa &mdash Which ensures they accept BCH &mdash Approach to take AT&T,&rdquo among the r/btc moderators remarked.

Exactly what do you consider AT&T accepting BCH and BTC for bill payments online? Tell us that which you consider this partnership within the comments section below.

Image credits: AT&T, Pixabay, and Bitpay.

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