Scam Alert: Bitconnect ‘2.0’ Claims Binance Listing for July Launch

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The return of well known cryptocurrency ponzi plan Bitconnect is closer than ever before, its mysterious organizers claim after revealing a This summer launch date.

Bitconnect: Unapologetically Fraudulent

A brand new tweet in the Twitter account from the so-known as ‘Bitconnect 2.0’ May 18 confirms the plan is placed to debut &#8211 again &#8211 on This summer 1.

Not just that, but in keeping with design for deceptiveness that the initial Bitconnect grew to become known, an imitation exchange partnership has surfaced.

Who owns the Twitter account added prospective investors can buy tokens on major cryptocurrency exchange Binance &#8211 while in fact this is just wrong.

“Welcome everybody to Bitconnect 2.[.] We’ll launch Bitconnect2. on This summer first,” the publish reads.

Despite claiming more information can be obtained on its ‘official’ website, the social networking activity continues to be the only hint from the impending plans. The website consists only of the sign-up form for updates, a countdown timer along with a duplicate from the Twitter feed.

Past the assumed launch date, however, the operations from the latest incarnation of Bitconnect remain a mysterious.

As Bitcoinist reported, the initial Bitconnect &#8211 evidently an exchange and lending platform &#8211 crashed in The month of january 2018 after it grew to become sufficiently known the organization was fraudulent.

Formerly something of celebrity meme within the crypto space, thanks mostly to occasions speaker Carlos Matos, the atmosphere switched sour as Bitcoin came off its all-time highs of $20,000.

Investors saw the need for their Bitconnect tokens drop to practically nothing within a few minutes, with cryptocurrency industry figures lamenting that individuals without experience remained as easy targets for scammers.

Criminal proceedings adopted, yet it remains unclear whether Bitconnect 2. has any relation to predecessor beyond discussing a reputation.

A Gimmick To Rival OneCoin

On social networking, reactions overwhelmingly centered on issuing warnings to not communicate with the plan, even when it ought to flourish in offering new tokens. Others noted the website name will expire prior to the alleged launch date.

Binance and Chief executive officer Changpeng Zhao (referred to as CZ) haven’t yet discuss the Twitter account’s claims of the partnership.


Another entity meanwhile is trying to gather people for any Bitconnect community on messaging platform Discord, participants already numbering near to 500.

Bitconnect’s resurgence comes using the renaissance seen throughout Bitcoin and altcoin markets. Equally poetic may be the timing following on in the ‘death’ of fellow ponzi plan OneCoin, the founders which spent years accruing around $4 billion.

Now susceptible to law suit, OneCoin nonetheless been successful in fooling the general public to give immeasureable money, despite warnings from various governments and connected watchdogs.

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