Why You Should Pick a Leader for Your Enterprise Email Security

Email is really a mature technology, but threats targeting email are evolving and becoming modern-day. 97%1 of ransomware attacks originate from email. That is why there are plenty of email security vendors and solutions on the market offering various kinds of technologies and coverages. Picking the very best email security solution for a corporation could be overwhelming.

Maybe it doesn’t need to be. Forrester Research, a properly-known independent research firm, released “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019” set of May 16, 2019. Having its 32-qualifying criterion look at enterprise email content security providers, Forrester identified the 12 most critical vendors and researched, examined, and scored them. This report shows how each provider analyzes helping security and risk professionals pick the best one for his or her needs.

Trend Micro Coupon continues to be named an innovator within the Forrester report. What’s special is the fact that we received the greatest score within the Strategy category of all 12 vendors. In addition, we’ve got the greatest score feasible for the “Technology leadership” qualifying criterion, that is a sub-qualifying criterion from the Product Strategy qualifying criterion. Trend Micro Coupon also received the greatest score possible within the “Deployment options” and “Cloud integration” criteria.

Greatest score feasible for “Technology leadership” qualifying criterion in Strategy category – our takeaways

Building on 20+ years in email security, Trend Micro Coupon is constantly on the make strong investment and technology innovation within this market. Email threats are evolving, so Trend Micro’s email security solutions.  To cite just a few examples, technology produced by Trend Micro Coupon to combat latest email threats include:

  • The initial, patent-pending Way Of Writing DNA technology blogs about the way of writing of suspected fraud emails towards the known AI type of the manager being impersonated. Fraxel treatments adds another layer of filtering for Business Email compromise (BEC) attacks on the top from the machine learning-based email header and content analysis. To-date, Trend Micro Coupon has generated AI way of writing models for nearly 7,000 high-profile users, and located 5,400 additional attacks at 160 organizations. This is actually the final recognition layer after Microsoft ‘office’ 365 and/or email gateway filtering along with other Trend Micro Coupon anti-phishing filters.
  • Computer vision recognition of popular fake login sites for account takeover protection. This patent-pending technology blends computer vision image analysis technology with artificial intelligence to “see” fake websites. It protects customers from credential phishing attacks.

Having a lengthy and innovative history with email security, Trend Micro Coupon remains the main thing on the having a strong strategy that is constantly on the position its customers more than the lengthy term.

Greatest score possible in “Deployment options” and “Cloud integration” criteria – our takeaways

Trend Micro Coupon may be the only vendor to provide dual layer email protection using a cloud-based API plus SMTP solution for advanced threat protection. This excellent approach provides “best of both worlds”, offering the advantages of both deployment types. Email gateway (SMTP solution) is ideal for inbound filtering and outbound DLP or email file encryption. Trend Micro’s API option would be fast and simple to deploy, and may safeguard internal phishing emails for the Office 365 or Gmail, in addition to cloud file discussing services (e.g. OneDrive or Google Drive).

Trend Micro Coupon email security is known as good at protecting customers. In 2018, Trend Micro Coupon Cloud Application Security, the API solution, stopped 8.9 million high-risk threats that weren’t caught by Office 365 security.

By selecting Trend Micro Coupon, you’re buying a solution that will continuously evolve to combat tomorrow’s email security challenges.

Browse the report and discover for yourself why Trend Micro Coupon is really a leader in Enterprise Email Security.

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