FBI Looking for BitConnect Victims to Aid with Investigation

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is searching for victims who committed to the cryptocurrency BitConnect (BCC) to assist using the ongoing analysis from the alleged Ponzi plan, the company announced February. 21st.

Investigators Searching to make contact with Potential Victims

As the public is yet to determine a hollywood conviction associated with cryptocurrency scams, it appears that investigators happen to be preparing to consider lower among the largest and many well known (purported) crypto Ponzi schemes.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations is presently seeking potential victims who committed to BitConnect gold coin, as announced on their own official website. The Bureau stated it had become searching for those who have invested or have a friend who’d committed to the cryptocurrency from November 2016 to The month of january 2018.

Source: The Hill

People who would like to contact the FBI can achieve this with an official application online, then the company will contact individuals who could aid the continuing analysis.

Aside from generic information for example name, birth date, and placement, the FBI is searching for solutions with a very specific questions. People searching to make contact with the company is going to be needed to reply to questions for example the way they learned about BitConnect just how much they committed to the gold coin, in addition to provide their BitConnect account details.

BitConnect Dismantled Worldwide

Even though the facts from the analysis continue to be unknown towards the public, many suspect the FBI is searching to create a good example from BitConnect. Digital Forensics Indonesia tweeted the Bureau was creating a criminal situation. This can lead to promoters, bloggers, along with other advertisers being prosecuted alongside the organization&#8217s top management.

Several BitConnect representatives happen to be arrested in India and Australia. A cease and desist order was issued to the organization in Texas, ordering BitConnect to seal lower all operations. In The month of january 2018, following a second class-action suit was filed against BitConnect, a Kentucky Court issued a brief restraining order (TRO) freezing the organization&#8217s assets.

The organization itself never addressed the Ponzi-plan accusations. When the organization shut lower its service in The month of january 2018 it released an announcement saying it had been due to “bad press.”

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