KaratGold Coin’s (KBC) Blockchain-Based Smartphone and Software for Online Vendors Changes the Concept of Crypto Payments

Tokens and coins whose value isn’t supported by anything apart from marketing, not work. Therefore we could witness the arrival of countless asset-backed tokens, that combine in the past effective assets using the blockchain technology. Gold and silver – especially gold because of its characteristics and stable demand – are perfect for securing digital assets mounted on them. Regardless of this, so far couple of have were able to change from theory to rehearse and to produce really working gold coin underpinned by gold.

The problem has altered dramatically for that better using the creation of the KaratGold Gold coin (KBC) which mixes the benefits of an actual asset and crypto. Being easily convertible to gold and including the qualities of the full-fledged payment instrument, the gold coin stands a high probability to decentralize vast sums of dollars for the advantage of investors from around the globe. Furthermore, the gold coin issuer required proper care of all of the necessary infrastructure – from your ultra-secure smartphone to software for online retailers – to help make the gold coin easily and securely circulated.

What’s the KaratGold Gold coin?  

The KaratGold Gold coin is definitely an Ethereum-based asset exchangeable legitimate gold. Essentially, it’s tokenized gold. The visionary behind the concept is Dr. Harald Seiz, a German entrepreneur, founder, and who owns several companies, author of books and founding father of Karatbars Worldwide, located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Since 2011, the organization continues to be concentrating on disbursing small servings of gold, which may be less than a gram, for use as a kind of payment – much like centuries ago. Today Karatbars includes a status of among the world’s leading retailers of small gold products.

Blockchain-powered smartphone

Before in the token emission, the organization provided the required infrastructure because of its distribution and functioning. To permit online vendors to simply accept KBC, Bitcoin or Ether within their online shop, Karatbars created K-Merchant, a bit of software which permits them to accept crypto payments having a simple scan. The state wordpress plugin of K-merchant could be presently built-into Woocommerce, Magento and PrestaShop powered online stores and enables one-click-payments with military-grade security.

KBC, gold

As well as that, the organization is planning to generate a massively secure cell phone where calls and texts aren’t transmitted through conventional ways, but rather, they’re encrypted and broadcasted with a recently produced Voice-over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). It uses peer-to-peer file encryption that cannot be hacked or manipulated. Data stored around the device, for example images or documents, are saved and enciphered with the IFPS platform, that is a decentralized storage medium according to blockchain technology.

Big promotion campaign in This summer 2019: The Gold Independence Days

Beginning from This summer 4, 2019, investors can exchange 100 KBC tokens straight to 1g of pure gold, which makes it the very first digital currency that’s really convertible to some truly valuable asset. This exchange is going to be permitted included in a worldwide Karatbars International’s promotion campaign, the Gold Independence Days to ensure that users can certainly receive real gold by means of CashGold at Karatbars’ own ATMs.

“Starting using the Gold Independence Days, a complete-featured gold circulation is set up worldwide and also the phrase “I pays in KBC” means “I pays with gold”,” Dr. Seiz announced.

Used, which means that investors will get access to an electronic asset that is whenever possible resistant against fluctuations.

The KaratCold’s motive power is the concept that in occasions of monetary crises, gold is recognized as a reliable investment using the possibility to something increase compared to other investments. “Gold, which always maintains its value due to its scarcity and wide acceptance, works as a natural hedge against currency collapse. By diversifying some of the assets into gold, investors can also enjoy a dependable store of worth,” the organization states.

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