Analyst: Inverse Bitcoin Price Chart Points To Bitcoin Reaching “At Least” $6,130

The whole crypto community of traders, analysts, and investors alike are watching Bitcoin carefully, because the digital asset reaches an essential inflection reason for its existence like a financial instrument. As traders aim to predict not just the direction of Bitcoin cost, however the cost target itself, oftentimes a chart is going to be switched upside-lower to achieve an impartial and unfiltered take a look at support and resistance levels, in addition to any patterns which may be happening.

A particular analyst has flipped a higher-time-frame Bitcoin cost chart on its mind, wishing to glean additional insight from this. Based on the “support” levels, that are really resistance levels, the trader states Bitcoin “is going to a minimum of $6,130.”

Analyst: Bitcoin Cost Is Headed to $6130, Can’t Convince Me Otherwise

Bitcoin is near to putting the ultimate nail within the bear market coffin, and it is potentially entering either a build up phase or even the beginning stages of the new bull trend. With fear and panic still felt through the market, crypto investors have been in disbelief.

The gain in confidence, traders decide to try charts to be able to assistance to determine and predict cost movements. From time to time, more complex chartists will turn a cost chart upside-lower to remove any existing bias in the new perspective.

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Prominent crypto analyst Josh Rager has shared this kind of inverse chart via Twitter, as well as on it clearly demonstrates effective “support” at roughly $6,137. The trader claims that in the looks from it, Bitcoin cost is headed to “at least $6,130,” which could be difficult to convince him otherwise.

At this level, the analyst expects Bitcoin to bounce at “support” around $6,000. He further predicts that the pullback to $4,100 – the final degree of effective resistance Bitcoin broke right through to spark an enormous $1,000 early April rally – can be done if Bitcoin constitutes a correction before upgrading further.

At this level, he states “you get sound advice,” suggesting that the time has come to begin buying dips, further meaning that the bull run might be beginning.

Both areas around the chart published by Rager show high volume nodes each and every key cost level, suggesting that this is when there’s much liquidity to become drawn on into for traders.

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Resistance at $6,000 is going to be hard to break through, as Bitcoin bounced from the cost level as support multiple occasions through the bear market. It was not until that support broke in November 2018, when Bitcoin fell to the ultimate bear market bottom at $3,150.

Bitcoin has become worth nearly double in cost from the bear market low, causing the majority of the cryptoshere to think about the bear market over.

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