Bitcoin Continues Expressing Similarities to Previous Year’s Price Action as it Climbs Higher

Despite facing downwards pressure that put Bitcoin’s upwards momentum in risk a week ago, the cryptocurrency has had the ability to continue climbing greater and it is now nearing its cost levels which were set before the Tether-Bitfinex imbroglio that sent BTC reeling lower towards the lower-$5,000 region.

This positive cost action has brought a remarkably bullish sentiment to abound inside the crypto community, and lots of analysts now think that Bitcoin will incur further gains soon because it continues climbing greater.

Bitcoin (BTC) Surges to $5,500 

During the time of writing, Bitcoin is buying and selling up over 2% at its current cost of just below $5,500, up considerably from the daily lows of $5,370.

Bitcoin has rebounded from the one-week lows of roughly $5,150 which were set last Thursday once the New You are able to Attorney General’s accusation that Bitfinex and Tether were defrauding investors spread all through the crypto community, instantly resulting in a feeling of fear among investors.

Regardless of this, the markets rapidly shook from the news and also have been tepidly climbing greater since the low $5,000 region was hit, that is viewed by many people analysts like a manifestation of growing fundamental strength within the markets.

Luke Martin, a well known cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, shared his ideas on Bitcoin current cost action inside a recent tweet, explaining he expects BTC to manage an upwards fight until it breaks above its recent highs at $5,600.

“$BTC slight progress because the resistance/support switch. Meh. It&#8217s difficult to be too looking forward to more upside until cost could possibly get above the newest high at 5600. That&#8217s after i could be much more bullish. For now I&#8217m just a little nearer to neutral,” Martin described.

Bitcoin set its recent highs before when news broke concerning the Tether imbroglio, if this hit highs of roughly $5,650.

BTC Continues Developing Similar Patterns to Individuals Observed in Previous Years

Another interesting trend which has come to light because of Bitcoin’s recent upwards surge continues to be that lots of analysts are actually seeing striking similarities between your crypto’s current cost action which observed in previous years just before massive bull runs.

FlibFlib, a well known crypto analyst on Twitter, discussed one of these simple similarities inside a recent tweet, explaining there are parallels between Bitcoin’s 2017 and 2019 cost action.

“There is a few similarity between 2017 and 2019 within the means by which we bottomed from $5k-&gt3k 2017 and broke to $5k. It required considerably longer this time around inside a bear market. Overlay &amp Extrapolate that trend and 12 , 2019 might be fruity when we could possibly get within the Tether risk,” he described.

Because the weekend buying and selling session looms coming and Bitcoin continues climbing slightly greater, it’ll likely become more and more obvious whether or otherwise BTC is able to get out of the $5,000 region, or maybe further consolidation is required.

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