Mysterious Message From Space Leaves Clues to $1 Million Bitcoin Bounty

A Twitter user has gotten a mysterious message through the Blockstream satellite detailing a search for $a million in Bitcoin. Based on the correspondence, hunters have to get 400 of just one,000 cryptographic secrets of unlock the treasure.

Each one of the first three keys continues to be hidden at four different Gps navigation coordinates and it is open to anybody who are able to arrive at the correct location. Clues towards the rest is going to be printed later on and can likely involve an in-depth understanding of cryptography and information technology.

Forget Easter time Eggs, There&#8217s a Bitcoin Search around&#8230

The mysterious message was initially introduced to the attention by Twitter user @notgrubles. They condition they received the correspondence within the Blockstream satellite:

Based on the message, the search is really a evidence of concept to have an concept that the writer describes as &#8220proof of reports&#8221. It begins:

&#8220Welcome, Hunter.

&#8220This message should achieve you at the center of the 4th month of the twelve months, around 2019. If you’re studying this, something has brought you to look for things that bring excitement for an otherwise foreseeable world.&#8221

It procedes to detail a &#8220grand Search&#8221 for an additional prize, as explained the writer from the mysterious correspondence:

&#8220The treasure that will fit in with probably the most effective Hunters as well as their clan is neither gold, nor jewels, nor the bits of useless paper that pass for the money within this sad age rather it’s Bitcoin, an electronic treasure forged from deep mathematical facts, within an amount comparable to $a million.&#8221

Based on the message this total continues to be split into one 1000 pieces &#8220using the splitting magic from the wizard Shamir&#8221. To win the best prize, the treasure hunter have to get 400 of those pieces and rejoin them &#8220using Shamir&#8217s spell of recombination.&#8221 Shamir here describes Shamir&#8217s Secret Discussing, an formula created by Israli cryptographer Adi Shamir to have a secret inside a distributed way.

The undisclosed sender from the message claims that the search suggested isn’t the first available and won’t function as the last either. The written text procedes to challenge the recipient to demonstrate themselves worth the prize by solving puzzles sporadically published towards the website SatoshiTreasure. In line with the wording from the message, basically individuals using the greatest degree of cryptographic understanding will find it difficult to compete within the search for that $a million in Bitcoin.

Part one from the challenge is quite readily available, however. It calls for going to three different geographical locations from 12. The very first from the three keys is hidden at:

  • 37.784038, -122.417812 (Tenderloin, Bay Area).
  • 40.758931, -73.985099 (Broadway, New You are able to).
  • 34.062628, -118.129485 (Monterey Park, CA).
  • 42.360342, -71.087282 (Cambridge, MA).

It’ll apparently be accessible for hunters to locate from noon local time on April 16.

The 2nd secret is again hidden in four different locations. However, this time around they&#8217re on the other hand around the globe. This key is going to be offered by April 17 at mid-day local time. The locations are:

  • 39.93685, 116.45426 (Beijing Shi, China).
  • 22.281185, 114.156715 (Queen&#8217s Road Central, Hong Kong).
  • 35.654811, 139.748974 (Minato City, Japan).
  • 37.583827, 127.031035 (Seoul, Columbia).

Finally, the 3rd from the initial group of secrets of unlock the Bitcoin treasure may also be released on April 17 at mid-day local time. This time around the bottom line is spread across four continents. The locations are:

  • 51.5082944, -.2013407 (Notting Hill, London).
  • .3474019, 32.6036514 (Kampala, Uganda).
  • -33.8881323, 151.1901988 (Camperdown NSW, Australia).
  • -34.596118, -58.373290 (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

There’s presently not a clue regarding who’s behind Satoshi&#8217s Treasure but it’ll be exciting to determine the way the search for that 400 crypto clues unfolds.


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