Bitcoin (BTC) Advances to Above 5,100 as Overall Crypto Market Trading Volume Plummets

Bitcoin (BTC) and also the crypto markets have ongoing to convey growing stability and haven’t yet made any large cost movements despite it as being a weekend buying and selling session with lower-than-average buying and selling volume.

You should observe that Bitcoin and also the aggregated markets have experienced continuously declining buying and selling volume in the last 7 days, which might signal the financial markets are preparing for any large cost swing soon.

Bitcoin (BTC) Gradually Advances Past $5,100 as Volume Declines

During the time of writing, Bitcoin is buying and selling up marginally at its current cost of $5,115, up from the 24-hour lows of $5,050. You should observe that BTC is presently buying and selling at its daily highs, but declining buying and selling volume may jeopardize the effectiveness of any more upwards movements.

Bitcoin’s buying and selling volume is presently for less than $10 billion, lower from the weekly highs of nearly $20 billion. This declining volume can lead to greater amounts of volatility soon as BTC seems to become developing a consolidation pattern around its current cost levels.

The general crypto markets also have observed declining buying and selling volume in the last week – shedding to the current amounts of approximately $30 billion from the seven-day highs well over $60 billion.

Analyst: BTC Prone to Continue Leading Crypto Markets in Near Term

Josh Rager, a well known cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, contrasted Bitcoin’s chart and also the overall crypto market cap chart inside a recent tweet, explaining he looks towards BTC’s chart within the total market cap chart when assessing possible trades, because it presently dominates a lot of the markets.

“Therefore, with regards to market forecast, I consider the Bitcoin chart first before serious investments &amp trades (it can make up 50%+ from the MCAP atm.) Then research Ethereum, adopted by altcoin charts/volume (ETH chart is relative at occasions as it can certainly lead Alts although not always,)” Rager described.

Furthermore, Rager later described the spike in volume within the total crypto market cap a week ago doesn’t seem to be bullish, however it does appear to exhibit a restored curiosity about the markets from individual investors and traders.

“Currently, don&#8217t begin to see the extreme bullishness as a whole MCAP setting record volume thinking about the record quantity of shit coins on the market along w/ BTC at 54% dominance. However it demonstrates a restored interest from investors/traders,” he described.

Like a fresh buying and selling week kicks into gear, traders and investors will probably gain greater understanding of how the financial markets are heading next because the market’s buying and selling volume will probably pick support.

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