Bullish Signal? Bitcoin Price ‘Misery Index’ Flashes 3-Year High

Bitcoin cost bear market “likely ended at $3000,” well-known analyst Tom Lee has declared as his ‘Bitcoin Misery Index’ (&#8216BMI&#8217) sentiment tool reaches three-year highs.

Body mass index States Bull Market

Lee, who established fact among cryptocurrency traders like a major bullish voice on Bitcoin and makes regular mainstream media appearances, highlighted his decidedly united nations-miserable Index readings on social networking April 11.

Lee’s Body mass index provides a score of -100 for Bitcoin cost, telling traders when you should buy so when to market according to overall market ‘misery.’

A score of 27 or below constitutes ‘buy,’ while anything greater than 67 on the other hand instructs the readers to market.

After Bitcoin cost rose $1300 in days hitting $5330 a week ago, the Body mass index saw an impressive awakening. Getting formerly languished at 34 in the finish of March, its latest studying is 89 &#8211 the greatest since June 2016.

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$3K Was Bitcoin Cost &#8216Bottom&#8217

For Lee, this brings mixed signals, the Fundstrat senior analyst following within the actions of veteran trader Tone Vays in declaring the bullish momentum behind Bitcoin might not mean an unequivocal reversal.

Unlike Vays, however, he recommended the primary message behind Bitcoin cost was it had become unlikely to decrease below $3000 any more &#8211 while Vays has stored as much as $1000 in play.

“The primary takeway (sic) is the fact that Body mass index reaching 67 is further evidence the bear marketplace for Bitcoin likely ended at $3,000,” Lee summarized.

The upturn likely caught Lee, together with many more, unexpectedly. Before the surge, Lee had even promised to prevent giving Bitcoin cost forecasts.

“Because from the natural volatility in crypto, we’ll cease to supply any timeframes for that realization of fair value,” he told Fundstrat clients in December.

Eyes On $5900

Also perking up are various Bitcoin network indicators and exterior measures, adding weight towards the theory the largest cryptocurrency’s darkest days are actually behind instead of in front of it.

As Bitcoinist reported the 2009 week, the reemergence from the so-known as ‘Kimchi Premium’ &#8211 a surcharge for Bitcoin purchases on South Korean exchanges &#8211 excited commentators.  Like Lee’s high Body mass index readings, the Premium only has made an appearance in Bitcoin bull markets.

The phenomenon carefully adopted fresh action from China, where traders made an appearance to become sidestepping highly-restrictive regulatory structures to purchase cryptocurrency via stablecoin Tether, also confined in fiat terms.

At press time Friday, Bitcoin cost has retrieved modestly to almost $5100 throughout the day after falling from highs of $5440.

Except for momentary blips, Bitcoin has held onto support at $5000 since April 5. Bitcoinist on Wednesday forecasted a brief-term cost target close to $5900.

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